DirMonitor Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

DirMonitor – Monitor files, folders, registry and processes
Monitor all activities made out on files, folders, processes and registry keys.

Everything will be placed in an encrypted Log.

You can attach Triggers to each activity, which can launch any file you want when such an activity occurs. It’s even possible to send information about which file(s) have changed to that external program.

Other features include password protection to prevent unauthorized access to DirMonitor, Wizards, plug-ins, and Scripting support. The latter makes it possible to control DirMonitor by use of plain text files. Possible applications are virus detection, cleaning you PC after surfing the Net and monitoring activity on your computer.


· Monitor Files: You can monitor individual files for changes.
· Monitor Folders: Folders can be monitored as well. If you want, you can log changes in their subfolders too.
· Monitor Registry Keys: Creation and Deletion of Registry Values can be logged. This way, you can keep a watch on changes in Windows’ Registry.
· Monitor Processes: Log when and if a certain process is being activated or terminated. With DirMonitor it’s also possible to prevent closure of system critical processes, s.a. your Virus Scanner, Firewall, …
· Notification: DirMonitor has several ways to notify you of changes in Watches Items.
· Flashing Icon: You can set DirMonitor to flash its icon for a certain time when an action occurs. You can even put a password on the icon, so that only you can switch off the flashing.
· Sounds:Play any sound when an action occurs.
· Use Triggers: Launch any other file so a specific action will occur whenever DirMonitor notices a change.
· Use Triggers: Triggers will make it possible to launch any file (program, batch file, …) when a certain activity occurs.
· Prevent closure: Prevent a certain process from closure. A Trigger attached to the On Terminate Activity can launch that particular process when it’s being closed.
· Send information to other programs: With advanced Dynamic Parameters, DirMonitor can send as parameter the paths of modified, created, … files to a file. This way you can e.g. view at once a file whenever it’s being created.
· Attach Batch Files: Do standard actions when a certain activity occurs, by storing the actions in a Batch File.
· Wizards: Not all Wizards can be used in the unregistered version of DirMonitor.
· Create Folder Watches: A Wizard to monitor Folders. If you want, you can at once attach Triggers to that Watch.
· Create Registry Watches: A Wizard to monitor the Registry. Also with this Wizard, you can attach Triggers to that Watch.

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