DisCryptor Personal Encrypting Security for Windows

The perfect solution for your privacy protection.
DisCryptor Personal is an application which securely encrypts your data and does not disturb you in the normal course of work. Encrypts the file in one click, and protects the entire hard drive.

Here are some key features of “DisCryptor Personal”:

· Encrypt a file and send it via e-mail
· Have you ever heard the motto: „If you don’t want it on the front page don’t send it through e-mail“? Do you know that e-mail can be compared with a postcard? Data sent through e-mail are readable very easily,
· Transparent ( invisible ) operation
· A big advantage of the whole safety process for you is the so called transparent or invisible encryption operation. The whole encryption process runs invisibly and independently on the user. Whether you encrypt a hard disk, a travellers disk or a virtual disk,
· One-click document encyphering
· Do you have on your computer files which you don’t want to be seen by a unauthorised users? This files you have thus far stored in an open form,
· Travellers disks without instalation
· Transferable media belongs to the easily stolen media category. The DisCryptor® can encrypt your usb disk, usb memory stick or other transferable media using the „Travellers disks“ function.
· Security profiles
· Safety begins with good quality password. Other choises such as chosing the cipher algorithm and the level of data shredding falls into the choises for the more advanced users.
· Password security policy for password creation
· Factors that directly influence the evaluation of the password security are: length, combination of numbers and letters and the usage of special signs. DisCryptor® in all of its versions includes a device that controls the security level of the password
· Data security key
· The access password and the so-called security key are securing the access to the encrypted disk. The security key can be seen as a central key for all hotel rooms,
· Safe data removal
· Did you know, that by deleting the files, you are not ensuring their safe removal? Even data from formatted disk can be easily restored. On the Internet there are many devices for „renewal“ of deleted data.
· Encrypts virtual and hard disks
· Data safety is often talked about, but many users underestimate it. Data media and computer thefts are happening on daily basis
· Secure transferability to a new PC.
· You are buying a new computer and want to transfer the original encrypted data? No problem. The encrypted data from your computer can be easily transferred to the new computer, without worrying about breaking their safety.


· Processor Pentium II
· Memory 128 MB
· Hard disc Installation takes 50MB
· Graphics 800×600, 16 bit


· 15 days trial
· nsg screen

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