DLOCK Encrypting Security for Windows

DLOCK2 is a simple strong file encryption command line utility with complete source code.
DLOCK2 is a Data LOCK program which uses the Diamond2 Block Cipher. It also tests the correct implementation of the Diamond2 and Diamond2 Lite encryption algorithms in the enclosed library files.

Although DLOCK2 is useful as it stands, it is probably of more use as a
library of source code to use to build encryption into other applications.
Diamond2 and Diamond2 Lite are 100% roylty free algorithms, derived from the MPJ, MPJ2, and Diamond encryption algorithms.

I’ve studied too much cryptography to make a brash claim of security for any
algorithm, but my confidence level in Diamond2 and Diamond2 Lite is very high because of the failure of anyone I’ve dared to break MPJ or Diamond to do so for several years. See the challenge section below.

When used to encrypt or decrypt files, DLOCK2 places no special headers or
other identification on the ciphertext files. This is good for security, but
bad for user friendliness.

It always processes from one file to another, so that you can verify that the encryption or decryption is good before deleting the original. This is very important, since a single character typo in the pass phrase is enough to render a file total garbage.

When encrypting or decrypting files, DLOCK2 uses a 10-round Diamond2 Block Cipher in cipher block chaining with ciphertext feedback mode (CBC). This means that any regularities in the plain text are completely obscured in the cipher text. The original file length is exactly preserved.


ยท A Win32 command line executable is supplied.

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