DomainPass Pro Encrypting Security for Windows

DomainPass Pro is a powerful combination of three programs
DomainPass Pro is a powerful combination of three programs. Included is a custom GINA, a GUI editor for building secure USB flash keys, and a trial version of WebPass Pro. Based on WebPass Pro technology DomainPass Pro enables users to prevent anyone from initiating a logon attempt without a specific encrypted file on their USB flash drive.

The full version of DomainPass Pro supports four different key verification modes. The first mode is ‘Dongle’ mode. A key containing a matching hardware profile or the target computer is needed to initiate a logon. The second mode is ‘Verfification’ mode. This mode checks the username, domain, and hardware profile associations setup on the USB flash drive for a match to the target computer.

Mode three and four automatically log the user onto the system generating a password based on the WebPass Pro profile and optionally incorporating a pin number. The different modes offer a range of security enhancement, and the software supports multiple domain, username, hardware associations so one key can be used for many different computers.


· Microsoft .Net 1.1


· Limited functionality

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