DP Multicrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

DP Multicrypt is a cipher tool for highly secure your files with the full keysize from the cipher
DPMulticrypt is a filecrypther that supports drag & drop .

DP-Multicrypt supports the following ciphers:Blowfish, CAST-256, IDEA, Mars, RC4, RC6, Rijndael (AES), Serpent and Twofishand the CBC-MODE from these ciphers.
A commandline decrypter.exe (freeware) is include.

CBC –> Cipher Block Chaining.
In CBC mode, each plaintext block is XOR-ed withthe previous ciphertext block, then encrypted. Aninitialization vector (IV) is required and used as
a “seed” for this process.

CBC mode is as hard to break as the underlying block cipher by standard attacks. Additionally, any pattern in the plaintext are concealed by the mentioned XOR-ing.Which is very important for files that do contain standard parts or many “zero values”,(Drawings, e.g.).

Furthermore security of the ciphertext is enhanced as the plaintext cannot be directly manipulated except by removal of blocks from the beginning or the end of the ciphertext which will become evident when decrypting.

The speed of encryption is identical to that of the plain block cipher, but the encryption process cannot be parallelized. Which was a necessity, decades ago.

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