DPA SFX Creator Encrypting Security for Windows

DPA SFX Creator is a high performance AES/Blowfish/RC6 SFX-Crypter
DPA SFX Creator creates a AES/Blowfish Serpent Twofish or a RC6 very high secure SFX file.

This SFX cipher checks whether the decrypting password is correct with a highly secure method, never compromising the key: while a 64 byte random number is created and also encrypted.

While decrypting these two numbers are compared to test for the correctness of the password. Very simple, yet as safe as the algorithm itself.

AES with 256 bit keysize Twofish with 256 bit keysize Mars with 1248 bit keysize Blowfish with 448 bit keysize and RC6 with 2048 bit keysize The sfx file is from 41kb-49kb greater.

Compress the crypt file with zip or cab or not compress. Now with Random Password Generate, a high secure random pw generate.

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