DrCrypt Data Protection and Security System Encrypting Security for Windows

Secure your files and folders with strong password encryption
DrCrypt, is based our brand-new encryption system which is designed to be fast, reliable and stable. The main difference of DrCrypt from all those similar solutions; fastness and low system resource request but perfect encryption.

Get DrCrypt Data Protection and Security System and try it to see how it can protect your data.
Here are some key features of “DrCrypt Data Protection and Security System”:

· Very fast encryption/decryption (~13MB/s)
· Based on new EnCryption Standart
· Process folders and multiple files
· Stable Memory Usage.
· Easy Interface.
· MD5 Sum Calculator Tool
· Secure File Delete Tool(New better standart)
· Strong Password Tool
· Random Number Tool
· E-Mail or Text Encrypter tool(platform independent)
· Adjustable Process Priority and Speed
· Adjustable Opacity View
· Works all Java-Enabled Platforms
· File Compression Support(ZLIB)
· EnCrypt, wipe files even they are locked or using by another process.
· Designed To Work With Less Memory and Uninterrupt the system
· Integrated File And System Protection(Againts to Possible overwrite and encrypt system locations)

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