DRM Plus Encrypter For WMV WMA ASF Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypt WMV, WMA, ASF and manage Play Count, Play Time, Expiration Date
DRM Plus Encrypter For WMV/WMA/ASF is a great and easy-to-use solution for users who want to encryt their movies.
Here are some key features of “DRM Plus Encrypter For WMV/WMA/ASF”:

You can use the encryption tool to encrypt .wmv,.wma,.asf files, the encrypted media files can only be played after obtaining the Playback license provided by your webserver. You can set the following playback rights for your consumers on your webserver:

· Playcount – This right specifies the number of times the consumer is allowed to play the encrypted files.

· ExpirationDate – This right specifies a date after which the playback license is no longer valid and the encrypted file can no longer be played. For example, you can set a playback license to expire on December 31, 2004.

· ExpirationOnStore – This right specifies the length of time (in hours) a playback license is valid after the first time the playback license is stored on the consumer’s computer. For example, you can set a license to expire 72 hours after it is stored.

· DeleteOnClockRollback – This right deletes the playback license if the consumer’s computer clock is set to an earlier time. For example, you can use this right if the playback license also specifies an expiration date.

· AllowTransferToSDMI – This right allows the consumer to transfer the encrypted file to an SDMI- compliant portable device or portable media.

DRM-Plus encryption solutions include:
· encryption-side software, to encrypt media files (wmv,wma,asf) ;
· playback license server-side software, you can manage playback license ;
· members management and billing business interface, You can combine your Web site for business development.

· The whole system is installed on your own web server in practical application, the playback license is issued by your own webserver.


· 128 MB RAM or more
· 100 MB free hard disk space.


· Cannot specify playback license
· Cannot change DRN seed
· Cannot change DRM privkey
· Cannot change license URL

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