DWinXE Encrypting Security for Windows

DWinXE Software uses some powerful Encryption Algorithm to Encrypt the Files.
Today the most Important thing is to secure the File System.

To secure the File’s the only way is to Encrypt the Data with some Encryption Algorithm.

DWinXE is a smart program that uses some powerful Encryption Algorithm to Encrypt the Files.

Also this program includes many of useful Utilities for managing the Files.

Here are some key features of “DWinXE”:

· Message Crypt: – The Message Crypt Utility is used to Encrypt a small block of Text and you can Copy the Encrypted (or) Decrypted Text. This will be useful for Encrypting Mail’s and small Text Files. For more Details see Message Crypt Heading.
· Fmerge: – The Fmerge (File Merge) Utility is used to Merge more number of File into a Single File and you can use the Password for that Merged File. It can be Splitted using the Split File option. Without the Correct Password the Merged File cannot be Splitted.
· Scan File: – The Scan File Option scan’s the file and reports the File Information. The Report includes File Format, Merged Information, and Encrypted Information.

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