e Capsule Private Safe HD Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypt and secure your files with several levels of protection
The e-Capsule Private Safe (or e-Capsule PS) application addresses the basic problem of protecting and safely managing valuable information, your files and folders, as you need to take them on-the-road and use them across multiple computers.

The e-Capsule Private Safe is a family of “zero-footprint” products allowing to create and manage a proprietary file system for secure data encryption (AES256) capable of storing any number of files and folders, keeping them invisible to the PC operating system and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

The work reality of the typical PC user is that of a dynamically evolving state, which cannot be burdened by rigid logistic, operational or procedural barriers. The value of your personal or business data is often too high to limit its use to just one computer or to jeopardize its confidentiality each time you need to travel or to use a different PC.

The solution of encrypting the data saved on a PC’s hard drive or on a removable memory device (such as a USB stick) using a resident and/or installed application might seem the best choice, especially if it claims to seamlessly encrypt all the files when you save them and to seamlessly decrypt them when you access them.

e-Capsule Private Safe HD will keep your private files safe and protected against unauthorized access.
Here are some key features of “e-Capsule Private Safe HD”:

· Shield Your Data Also From the Operating System
· View, Edit and Manage Your Data While Encrypted
· Hide Your Data Using Different Login Credentials
· View, Monitor, Modify, Backup and Shred Your Encrypted Data
· Use Any External Storage Device
· Military-Level Encryption Made Easy


· IBM PC or compatible with Pentium III 500-megahertz (MHz) or higher(Pentium IV recommended);
· Memory 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB recommended)
· Interface/Port USB 2.0 or 1.1
· Display 800 x 600 resolution, 256 colors minimum, (16-bit color recommended)


· 14 days trial
· nag screen

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