EasyFP Encrypting Security for Windows

EasyFP is an application which will combine file encryption and file protection together
EasyFP is an application which will combine file encryption and file protection together.

By encrypting files with a password, your files can’t be read by others. By enabling file protection function, you will never worry that your important files will be deleted unexpectedly.

By integrating into Windows file system, EasyFP provides powerful file protection function. By monitoring all of file operations on encrypted files, EasyFP make sure all of encrypted files can’t be deleted, renamed and modified until they are decrypted.

All of above operations will cause windows to issue a file operation error and your important files keep untouched. And don’t mind whether such operation is issued by yourself, bad programs or viruses.

Your files just can’t be touched! Because file monitor is running in the windows kernel mode, such protection is full: You even can’t delete an encrypted file in MS-DOS prompt if the protecting file function is enabled. And the protecting file function is easy to be enabled or disabled, just check or uncheck it in setting dialog.

By integrating into Windows explorer, EasyFP is easy to use and save your precious screen space. EasyFP don’t occupy your screen space because it has no own window. But it do works!

When you browsing files in windows explorer, just right clicking on a file and selecting encrypt menu from the popup menu will encrypt and protect the file. You can do the same encrypting operations on many files or folders at one time all of these operations don’t need two seconds!

Here are some key features of “EasyFP”:

· Protect files not be deleted, renamed and modified unexpectedly by encrypt them. (New feature in version 2.0 and later version)
· Integrated into Windows explorer, Just a few clicks to encrypt files and protect them.
· Compression is an option when encrypt files.
· Support install and uninstall.
· Detailed help files based on HTML.
· Support Windows 95/98, Win2000, Windows Me and Windows XP.


· Limited to 30 days.

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