eConceal Firewall Pro for Windows Firewall Security for Windows

eConceal Pro for Windows is a powerful, highly advanced Network Firewall
eConceal Pro for Windows is a powerful, highly advanced LAN Firewalldesigned to protect your PC against attacks via the Internet or Local Area Network.

eConceal Pro offers customizable security with user-defined rules for Packet Filtering and Access Control. Working at a low level, it allows you to create rules based on non-IP protocols such as ARP, while supporting multiple network adapter configurations.

eConceal works by allowing or blocking different kinds of Internet access based on default and user created rules. These rules function as filters by analyzing data packets to see if they fulfill the filtering criteria and then allow or block the access accordingly.

Here are some key features of “eConceal Firewall Pro for Windows”:

· Data Filtering – Continuously monitors and filters the IP and Non-IP Traffic.

· Filtering level – Supports Application and Packet Level filtering. Application Level helps you setup rules for a particular Application. Packet Level provides filtering for incoming and outgoing data packets

· User-defined Rules – Provides a powerful traffic filtering system with user-defined processing rules. Users can define rules according to their requirements and implement customized traffic filtering.

· Preset Rules – Offers a set of pre-defined rules users can choose from, in order to enforce access control. The different types of rules are ARP, DHCP & BOOTP, DNS, E-mail, WWW, News, Net Bios, FTP, ICMP, ICQ, Telnet & SSH, IRC, MSN, and VPN.

· Network Traffic Monitor – Shows current data traffic on your system, including information regarding open programs and ports used in communication.

· Port Monitoring – All communication between your system and the outside world take place through ports. A port is ‘virtual slot’ in your TCP along with a UDP stack. A UDP stack is used to map a connection between two hosts, and also between the TCP/UDP layer and the actual applications running on the hosts. eConceal prevents scanning of these ports and alerts you of any such attempts from unauthorized users and attackers.

· Stealth Mode – Surf the Internet invisibly, without letting other online users see you. When online, your computer constantly receives and responds to information requests from other computers. In stealth mode your computer will not respond to this flow of queries and requests.

· Webpage Scanning – Provides Parental Control by blocking offensive and pornographic websites. Enterprises can stop non-business websites in office, to prevent wastage of Bandwidth and accelerate productivity.

· Pop-Up Blocking – Stops all kinds of Pop-ups to save bandwidth and system resources. Option is available for Whitelisting specific websites.

· Multiple Network Adapter Support – Supports configuration of multiple network adapters.

· Comprehensive Logs – Stores log information detailing programs involved in outgoing/incoming traffic, Communication Protocols used, Source and Destination IP addresses, direction of traffic, and action taken depending on rules in force. In addition, it maintains an Event Log detailing user events – e.g. changing security levels, loading rules, firewall shutdown etc .

· Real-time Traffic Monitoring Reports – It provides clear, concise graphical and non-graphical reporting on internal and external traffic. Various reports based on Application, Expert Rule, Zone Rule, IP and Date are available along with graphs of different styles like Bar, Pie, Line and alike .

· Password-protection – Ensures security by implementing password protection for the Firewall in order to prevent unauthorized access to its settings.

· Easy Installation and Configuration – eConceal is easy to install and configure. It does not affect Windows system files and does not require any additional libraries (DLLs).


· Intel? Pentium? 166 MHz processor, or faster
· 64 MB RAM
· 50 MB free hard disk space

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