Egoist Assistant Security Related Security for Windows

Your media, images and texts are stored as depersonalized data files.
There are 2 ways to keep your private info. First way – keep your data in a safe under lock and key, hire a couple of rifle men and erect a banner with the text “Protected by USN and USAF”. It is a good way of saving your data. Moreover, nobody will have access to your private data. But there is one minus here: anybody will know that you have something to hide.

Second way is to hide your data, so that nobody will know that you have something to protect. Therefore, it will be impossible to steal something that “doesn’t exist”.

Sometimes the mere fact of protecting private info is a crime in the eyes of your boss, parents or a spouse. They believe that you shouldn’t have any secrets. Consequently, any program with the “Private something” title will be like a red rag for a bull.

If you agree with all mentioned above, the Egoist Assistant application is what you are looking for!
Here are some key features of “Egoist Assistant”:

· Your media, images and texts are stored as depersonalized data files.
· You can encrypt your files and nobody will be able to unlock your data. (Even if this idea will ever occur to your ill-wishers)
· There are internal player and image viewer in the program, so you shouldn’t use any other applications to open your files. And thus, you won’t leave any traces in your system.
· You can install the program with any suitable name. The main idea is to choose a neutral name that won’t arouse any questions, probably something connected with your work.
· There are a lot of alternative interfaces in the application. So, the program can look like a text or SQL editor or any other applied application. You can select any proper profile.
· There are no provocative titles and captions such as “sex” or “porno” during showing content. So, trackers won’t detect any forbidden content.


· you can add 3 data files only
· trial period is 30 days

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