Encrypt Files Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypt Files uses advanced encryption algorithms to lock and protect your files, making them unreadable until you decrypt them
Encrypt Files is free encryption desktop computer software. It is lightweight but powerful program that will allow you to encrypt your files and folders and password protect them. Make sure to remember your password or you would not be able to decrypt files to “normal”, readable state.

Encrypt Files is a FREE software application. Encrypt Files uses advanced data encryption algorithms to lock and protect your files, this way making them unreadable until you decrypt them.

How to use Encrypt Files
Middle section of the program is a folder/file tree viewer, virtually identical to Windows Explorer. Navigate to files you want to encrypt. You can pick folder as well or shift select multiple files.

File Encryption
With files or folders selected choose encrypt icon from the left pane of the program. You will be prompted to enter password. This password is used to decrypt files back, so make sure you remember it. Press “Encrypt” button to start encryption.

If your file is not particularly large encryption should be finished quickly. The original file will be either kept intact, deleted, or shredded depending on options you have selected (see Options bellow)

File Decryption
Select encrypted file or files in a folder/file tree viewer. Choose decrypt icon on the left pane. Enter the password you used to decrypt files and press “Decrypt” button.

Here are some key features of “Encrypt Files”:

· Fast and lightweight
· 13 advanced encryption algorithms
· It can encrypt entire folders
· Shreds original files after encryption
· Make files hidden after encryption

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