Encrypt Text within Images Encrypting Security for Windows

A handy application that will allow you to hide text messages within various images.
Text in a picture, this software place text in photoshop pictures, pictures in text code. You can easily use the images in other applications, insert them in a text picture if you wish, or you can embed images with a text picture or vice versa.

This is a cool new application which allows you to encrypt text within images, following these steps:

· To start, either load in a new picture, or use the sample picture that comes up by default.

· Enter the message that you want to ‘encrypt’, then press the ‘Encrypt’ button.

· You can press the ‘Decrypt’ button right away, or save the file.

· To ‘decrypt’ an image, simply load in the image you wish to decrypt, then press ‘Decrypt’. It will automatically decrypt your message!


· Supports up to 10 hidden characters

See Demo – Download – Visit Author Site

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