Encryption Protection Encrypting Security for Windows

128 bit encryption and decryption of any file, file shredder overwrites 7 times
Encryption Protection offers 128 bit encryption of sensitive files and emails.

Encrypt text files, email, web pages and binary files (-jpg, -gif, -bmp, -doc, -xls, -cls, -mp3 and -exe extension).

Decrypt files without using the software. Decrypt securely via a page on our website available 24-7. Normal file deletion removes a file’s directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your drive as data chunks.

The file shredder in Encryption Protection completely overwrites the contents of the file 7 times so it can never be recovered. You can even execute application through a command line. You also have the ability to save encrypted file in multiple formats

Here are some key features of “Encryption Protection”:

· New! Three levels of Encryption (128, 256, or 448 bit)
· New! Send email using default email client from within EP software
· New! Military grade File Shredder…Selection of 4 Standard Levels or pick your own number of random overwrites
· Free Upgrades For ONE YEAR
· Ability to decode without the Encryption Protection software.
· Encrypt Text messages, HTML Web Pages, and Binary Files (-jpg, -gif, -bmp, -doc, -xls, -cls, -mp3 or even an -exe extension)
· Ability to execute the encryption software through a command line
· Ability to save encrypted messages in multiple formats


· The file shredder is not available
· 15 days trial

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