encryptX SecurDataStor Basic Encrypting Security for Windows

encryptX SecurDataStor Basic is a strong file encryption program for Windows
The SecurDataStor product line is designed to provide a comprehensive software security solution that manages and controls access to sensitive information that you need to share internally and externally.

Users can safely share sensitive information across different Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating systems, over various network and firewall technologies, and across different forms of removable media.

For recipients of encrypted files, the SecurDataStor application requires no installation – it comes together with the encrypted archive for the files and runs automatically whenever the user accesses them.

After the user enters their login information, they have immediate access to the protected information – no installation, waiting, or hassle!
SecurDataStor is available in three versions: Basic, Premium, and Professional.

encryptX SecurDataStor Basic is a fast, secure system that allows you to secure sensitive files on a hard drive. It also includes SecurMedia. You can use SecurMedia to add compressed encrypted files to removable storage media.

SecurMedia works with CD-R and CD-RW discs, Iomega(R) Zip(R) and Jaz(R) disks, USB flash drives, and all other forms of removable disk storage. While you are initially limited in the number of pieces of removable storage media with which you can freely use SecurMedia, you can purchase licenses to use it with more pieces of media.

Premium adds the ability to create encrypted archives on file servers and share archives to hard or networked drives. It also provides an access control permissions-based rights management feature.

encryptX SecurDataStor Basic includes SecurDataNet, which enables you to share encrypted archives through email. Premium includes an internal auditing feature that tracks how your archive has been shared.

Intended primarily for business use, Professional adds the ability to lock shared encrypted files to the recipient’s computer. It includes SecurAdmin and SecurWebCD.

You can use SecurAdmin to create re-usable permission templates and manage groups of users. SecurWebCD enables you to create and share encrypted complex HTML content that can be browsed on a CD or on any other removable media.


· Pentium-based personal computer (233 MHz or greater recommended)
· 64 MB of RAM for basic operations, 194 MB of RAM required to support burning SecurDataStor archives to optical media
· Removable storage drive (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, Iomega? Zip? or Jaz?, Imation SuperDisk, etc.) or USB flash drive if you want to add an encryption archive to a piece of removable storage media.
· There must be 30 MB of free space available for installing the SecurDataStor application on the hard drive that you are using.


· 15 days trial

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