ePrivacy Suite Encrypting Security for Windows

Protect your data with a powerful and easy-to-use encryption solution.
ePrivacy Suite application is designed to be The Ultimate Content Encryption Solution for email. Protecting intellectual property and customer data are top security concerns for any business today. Whether in transit over a network or at rest on a system, encryption helps secure information, minimizing the risk of being altered or accessed by unauthorized internal and external users.

The ePrivacy Suite allows companies to address security and regulatory requirements by encrypting files and email with a centrally managed solution, therefore eliminating security breach risks such as financial loss, brand damage and lawsuits.

Data in transit:
The ePrivacy Suite combines our award-winning email encryption with file and folder encryption allowing a company of any size to secure data in transit and data at rest. Email has become one the most used forms of communication for both private and business users.

For organizations, it is a critical medium for communicating, collaborating and sharing information within and between organizations. It is also the number one source of security risk. Any corporate mail server or workstation currently sending and receiving email messages is vulnerable to attacks.

Secured eMail protects sensitive information from point A to point B and does not change the behavior of email users, as they simply press the Send Secured button, and their sensitive information will be sent through an encrypted channel.

Data at Rest:
Business critical information is stored in multiple locations within the enterprise – on PCs, laptops, server and storage devices. Enterprises need privacy management solutions that ensure sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access as well as eliminate the risks associated with losing mobile storage devices. Secured can secure both local and networked files/folders.

Here are some key features of “ePrivacy Suite”:

· Email security with the click of a button
Secured eMail provides an email encryption solution at the click of a button. It does not change the users current working routine as it is a completely transparent system.

· One-click File & Folder encryption
Secured eFile features the most easiest to use file & folder encryption solution on the market today. Use right-click or drag-and-drop to secure your sensitive information. If you wish to share the information with someone who does not have Secured eFile, simply convert the secured file or folder to an executable and send it off!

· Truly portable USB encryption
Secured eUSB enables your company to be truly mobile. Secured eUSB is a Client-free solution, which means that it can be opened anywhere without the need for installing anything.

· Policy enforcement
Secured eControl is an add-on that enforces the set of policies that you have setup for individual or all users. It assures you that policies are met without any doubt.

· Part of the bigger picture
Just like all other products by Cryptzone, the ePrivacy Suite is tightly integrated with the Simple Encryption Platform. If you choose to expand your security platform, it can be done within minutes of your decision.


· 300mHz CPU
· 256mb RAM
· 20mb harddisk space


· 30 days trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Secured eUSB – encrypt USB memory sticks with ease
· Session Monitoring

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