EyeMage IIE Encrypting Security for Windows

Provides powerful and secure encryption of information whilst at the same time hiding that information within images.
Eyemage IIE is a brand new piece of free software that allows you to encrypt with awesome security any file or text into a bitmap image.

You can hide photos in photos, zip files in images and Word documents in diagrams then send those images to your chums who can decrypt them. Alternatively you can just keep them safe on your hard drive.

Whether you want to hide stuff in images with super security or just use the super security, Eyemage IIE is a refreshing alternative to the alternatives.

Eyemage IIE will offer you a very powerful and secure encryption of informationwhilst at the same time hiding that information within images.

If you don’t want to hide information in images you can still use Eyemage IIE’s awesome encryption to protect any information.

Here are some key features of “EyeMage IIE”:

· Hides information in the images without visibly altering them.
· Extreme security is provided. If you don’t know the password you don’t get the contents.
· Very simple to use.
· Fun to use. There is something neat about hiding your accounts in a photo of your car.

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