Ez Crypto Encrypting Security for Windows

A tool designed to make file encryption safe and easy for businesses and individuals.
Ez-Crypto is an application created to help you protect your important files.

You can drag and drop an entire folder and Ez-Crypto will automatically extract all files and sub-folders within the main folder for encryption.

Ez-Crypto can also compress (ZIP) your data before encryption! Reducing the amount of disk space as well as making it harder for hackers to get to your data.

Ez-Crypto also has compression functionality. You can select compression from the Ez-Crypto Options tab.

This feature will make Ez-Crypto compress your files before encryption. Saving hard disk space on your computer.


· Net Framework 2.0


· 7 days trial
· nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· 128-bit Encryption
· ZIP Compression
· Backup to server

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