File Security Wizard Encrypting Security for Windows

It provides an absolute protection of any digital information
File Security Wizard is the first and only professional security product
that provides an absolute protection of any digital information on PCs.
It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files by encrypting them with the strongest algorithm and any-size keys.

This cryptographic algorithm is the most secure form of encryption
available on the market today.
This makes the sensitive data
stored on your desktop and mobile computers really secure and

File Security Wizard is the powerful encryption tool for professional and personal security. With it’s friendly design, easy to use form and powerful features, it is the ideal product for all users.

Main features of File Security Wizard software and its algorithm:

– Encryption key sizes in range from 2 to 4 294 967 296 bytes (4 GB) in length
– Multiple repeated encryption
– Multiple lines key
– Utilizes any type of files as a key
– Non built-in key verification
– High speed of encryption/decryption
– Impossibility to detect the length of key
– Impossibility of decryption by methods of cryptanalysis
– Impossibility of decryption sorting out all the possible keys

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