File Tutelary Encrypting Security for Windows

File Tutelary is a shareware to encrypt files and decrypt files by your own password quickly and securly
FileTutelary is a a useful tool to encrypt and decrypt your files using a password.

Protect your files not easy to be readed. If others get your files which have not be encrypted, from files he can read what you read.

If the files have been encrypted by FileTutelary,others will only get the codes such as ‘3lhT,h ??????????;??aw?e]??m8??’n^?T1?’?ยท?? $’,you see the codes can not be readed .

Then you just use FileTutelary again to decrypt the files encrypted by FileTutelary,input the password which you input when encrypt the files.After the files being decrypted,you can read the files again.

Here are some key features of “File Tutelary”:

?? Encrypt and Decypt files such as .txt,.doc,jpg,gif support all kinds of files.
?? Full support Windows95, 97, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000,XP
?? Step to step encrypt and decrypt ,easy to operate
?? User-friendly interface


?? 15 days trial

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