FileAssurity OpenPGP Encrypting Security for Windows

FileAssurity OpenPGP encrypts & digitallys sign files, emails etc. Securely delete them. PGP compatible
FileAssurity OpenPGP allows you to send and receive PGP files without the complexity and cost of using PGP. This simple to use file and email encryption product ensures you will be communicating securely with others in less than a couple of minutes.

By encrypting files you make sure that only the people you choose may view them. Files can be digitally signed to prevent them being altered without your knowledge and to allow others to verify that you created them.

This feature can also help protect your organization from viruses and other email threats. Securely deleting files ensures others cannot recover them to view your private information.

Here are some key features of “FileAssurity OpenPGP”:

· File, document, email and instant message encryption
· Digital signing of any type of file or document
· Secure message text and message attachments
· Secure text editor – create secure notes in any application
· Secure file deletion – beyond US Government DOD standards
· Secure archives in .zip format
· Automatic file compression – encrypted files are smaller than originals
· Encrypt information for multiple users and groups
· Application independent – works with any application
· In-built key generator (PKI and PGP keys) – no need to purchase keys
· In-built key manager – securely manage yours and others keys
· Works with certificates issued by any Certificate Authority (CA)
· Unique Trusted Authorities system automatically validates certificates
· Works with any OpenPGP product – inc PGP v5.x + and GnuPGP 1.2.3 +
· Full integration with Windows Explorer
· Easy to use – just right-click in Windows Explorer to protect information
· Strong US Government strength encryption – AES 256 bit
· Free reader software – others can receive your protected information without having to purchase any software


· 15 days trial

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