FileCrypt Desktop Pro Encrypting Security for Windows

Encrypt and digitally sign your files, emails and clipboard
FileCrypt Desktop Pro allows you to communicate and exchange information securely with other people. It can protect (encrypt) and/or digitally sign (authenticate) all your data such as e-mails and computer files. Based on a technology known as Public-Key Encryption, FileCrypt Desktop Pro is compatible with the OpenPGP standard. Although FileCrypt Desktop Pro is high security cryptographic software, it has been designed with an easy-to-use interface.

With the Outlook plugin, you can encrypt and digitally sign your e-mails directly in Microsoft Outlook.

SDA Option allows you to create a Self-Decrypting Archive. It is a Windows executable file containing one or more files. Embedded files are encrypted using a password. By executing this application and by entering the right password, you can restore embedded files and directories . This option is useful if you want to send an encrypted file to somebody who does not own FileCrypt Desktop.

With its complete Shell integration, FileCrypt Desktop Pro will provide an easy way to digitally sign and encrypt your files. Right-click on a file and choose one of the following actions :
? Encrypt
? Sign
? Encrypt and Sign
? Create Self-Decrypt Archive

Sign and authenticate your data:
Much like your handwritten signature on a paper document, a digital signature can be applied on an electronic document to authenticate it. By using FileCrypt Desktop Pro, your recipient will be able to authenticate a document (proving who really sent it) and he/she will be able to verify that nobody modified the document after you signed it.

Encrypt your information:
To secure a message, select the recipient’s key and click Secure.
By encrypting a document you protect your information against uninvited readers. FileCrypt Desktop Pro uses a powerful encryption method called Public-Key Encryption that does not require a password to be transmitted to the recipient.
Here are some key features of “FileCrypt Desktop Pro”:

· Easy-to-use interface
· Key creation and management
· Look up keys from other users on the Internet
· Outlook plug-in for an automated email protection
· Self-decrypting archive (SDA)
· Shell Extension
· Secure delete your files with FileCrypt Shredder
· Compatible with PGP Desktop, GnuPG,…


· Outlook XP/2002 or Outlook 2003
· Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· VISTA Compatibility
· Native 64-bit version
· Non-modal interface
· Reviewed user Interface
· Full key display including user names, photos and signatures
· New key management features

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