FileEncryptor Encrypting Security for Windows

FileEncryptor – Small and powerful utility for encrypting files with advanced AES algorithm
FileEncrypter is a small freeware utility that encrypts any file on any media storage with the officiallly recognized encryption algorithm – AES (Rijndael).

FileEncryptor implements a number of features that make encryption/decryption processes easier and safer. At the same time, most of actions needed to encrypt/decrypt a file are intuitive, which allowed us to make simple interface.

The key length of the algorithm may vary from 128 to 256 bit to ensure the maximum protection of encrypted information.

The use of FileEncryptor will help you to keep all important files safe no matter what happens because AES encryption algorithm has been proven to be unbreakable.

Here are some key features of “FileEncryptor”:

· Encryption of files using only the best and the most proven cryptographic algorithm – AES
· Simple and intuitive interface allows you to start encrypting files within seconds after installation
· Speedy and powerfull encryption engine
· Support for different levels of encryption from 128 to 256 bits
· Automatic detection of key size in encrypted files


· Microsoft .NET Framework

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