FileLocker Encrypting Security for Windows

FileLocker hides and encrypts confidential or sensitive files
FileLocker enables you to hide and encrypt your private or sensitive files using 128bit encryption, while providing an easy to use interface.

Locked files can be opened quickly and easily within FileLocker using your system default application for the file type you are opening. Enhanced search and import features allow greater power and flexibility.

There are many new features in this release of Filelocker.?The most notable new feature is the new look of the main window.?The new window has been reworked to make the application easier to both understand and use.?

Filelocker now works more like the Windows Explorer program and allows you to organize your locked files into folders.This should make using Filelocker much easier for people who aren’t computer savvy.

Here are some key features of “FileLocker”:

· Improved File Security
· Multiple User Login Accounts
· Faster Locking and Unlocking
· Viewing Locked Files without having to Unlock
· Improved File Scanning and Searching
· Improved Help System
· Exporting Capabilities (Unlocking without removing from Filelocker)


· 6 uses trial

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