Files Warder Encrypting Security for Windows

Files Warder – Quickly and securitly to encrypt your files, support password authentication
Files warder is a software which can help you easy to encrypt (or decrypt) your files. Files Warder can quickly encrypt any class files on your PC.

Those encrypted files is very safely and can’t be decrypted by another tools, those encrypted files only can be decrypted by the Files warder .

You can protect the encrypted file though a password which only you has know. anyone who don’t know the password won’t decrypt the file .

Files warder give you a firewall of files, your pricacy files such as word files/record/movies/photo etc, will become very security after encrypted by this software, and this is very easy to decrypt befor you want to use it .

The software use an improve encrypt coding, it will finish encrypt & decrypt operation in a short time . It can encrypt a 100M file in one minute .


ยท You can use the unregistered software 20 times

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