FirewallAnalyzer Standard Firewall Security for Windows

Browser based, cross-platform log analysis solution for Firewall/VPN reporting and monitoring solution
FirewallAnalyzer, a browser based, cross-platform log analysis solution for Firewall/VPN reporting and monitoring solution, generates easy to understand reports that provide Firewall administrators and security professionals valuable insight into Internet and Network usage and attack activities.

It allows them to proactively secure their network before security threats arise, avoid network abuses, manage bandwidth requirements, and ensure appropriate employee usage of networks.

In order to optimize the bandwidth usage and protect the corporate networks, Security Managers / Administrators and IT administrators need a comprehensive understanding of Internet and network activities. FirewallAnalyzer is the solution to provide in-depth analysis for protecting your network resources and systems.


· Understand hacker attacks and security breaches
· Understand Virus activity
· Identify attack & Virus details such as type, source, destination, port etc
· Analyze event severity and port of attack
· Understand protocol usage by user and department
· Analyze incoming & outgoing traffic/bandwidth patterns
· Analyze web usage by department and individual employee
· Understand blocked web site access
· Bandwidth utilization by department, client and protocol
· Identify inappropriate Internet usage by employees
· Generate bandwidth cost allocation and utilization reports
· Find activity trends over time

What’s New in This Release:

· Performance improvements
· Based on FScale? architecture
· Usability improvements
· Enhanced support for Multiple Firewalls
· Attack, Event, IDS and Anti-virus Analysis
· On-demand & Real-time Reports
· Improvements in reporting speed
· Support for Managed Security Services Providers
· International Language Support
· Robust Data Analysis
· Data Management enhancements


· 21 days trial

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