Flash Securer Encrypting Security for Windows

Easily secure the documents you carry on your flash drive
Flash Securer is a program which will allow you to secure the sensitive data which you carry on your USB flash drive. The data is encrypted, so even if the flash drive is stolen or lost, your sensitive data won’t get into someone else’s hands.

A typical disadvantage of protecting your data this way (using encryption) is that it requires some extra work, e.g. encrypting the document before copying it to flash, remembering some password etc.

With Flash Securer all this is done automatically in the background and you don’t even have to remember any password.

Moreover, thanks to its synchronization capabilities, off line write support and integration in the Windows Explorer “Send to” folder, transferring data the secure way with Flash Securer is even easier than transferring it the usual way without it.

How come you don’t have to remember any password? The idea is simple – as every good idea actually. Your sensitive data is in danger while on the flash. So it needs to be stored there encrypted.

But your computer at home or at your office is not as likely to be lost or stolen as the flash drive. The same sensitive data is stored on these computers too anyway. So we save the password for the encrypted data on your computers and don’t bother you with entering it every time you need some files from the flash.

The password is also encrypted, so it’s quite hard to steal it.

This works well for the “normal” sensitive data?. If you need your data to be more secure, you don’t have to store the password anywhere. Use your memory as the safest storage and enter the password every time you open the secured data.

Here are some key features of “Flash Securer”:

· Only part of the flash can be secured. You can still carry normal files on it (don’t waste time encrypting things that are not sensitive – music, movies etc.)
· You access encrypted (secured) and normal data on the flash at the same time (no private/public switching)
· You don’t have to remember any passwords. Access the secured data as if it were not encrypted on your computers. (you don’t want the data to be misused if your flash gets into someone else’s hands and this will not happen unless someone steals your computer too).
· You can secure as many flash drives as you need with different passwords. Although only one flash drive can be connected at a time, Flash Securer can store passwords for as many flash drives as you want. This way you can have as many secured drives as you need, for example one flash drive for backing up sensitive data, one for transferring it from work home etc.
· Off-line write – You can copy your data to the flash even if it is not actually connected using the Send to command in Windows explorer. When you plug the flash drive in, it will be updated with the changes. .
· Data on flash is encrypted and is not accessible to anyone who finds or steals your flash drive.
· Password can be stored on any computer where you wish to use the flash drive so that the data is available without the password entered (and you don’t have to remember it).
· Command Send to “Secure flash folder” in Windows Explorer allows to copy data to the flash easily and even when the flash is not connected. The contents of the image folder will be synchronized with the flash drive when it is connected.


· .NET Framework 2.0
· 3 MB of free hard disk space

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