Folder Encryption Dog Premium Encrypting Security for Windows

Can automatically encrypt your files, folders each time you finish accessing the protected folder.
Want to keep your privacy safe? Now try Folder Encryption Dog Premium! Folder Encryption Dog Premium was especially designed to encrypt your files, folders and maintain the confidentiality of your data. Encrypt your Files with Folder Encryption Dog Premium is your best choice to keep your confidential data privacy!

It lets you password protect, hide, and encrypt data of folders in hard disk or portable disk. Without password, nobody is able to delete, move or copy the files in protected folders.

Here are some key features of “Folder Encryption Dog Premium”:

· It is an green software, needs not to be installed.
· Password protection for files and subfolders in folders.
· Make any number of files and folders not accessible and invisible.
· High-level protection/High density encryption.
· Protect folders in hard disk or portable disk.
· Support of NTFS and FAT systems..


· 32 MB of RAM minimum


· 15 days trial

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