Folder Protector Encrypting Security for Windows

Keep your private information private!
Folder Protector is a lightweight and powerful software application that will ensure your private files stay protectes under any circumstances. The program makes a private folder on your computer where you can put in anything you like. When you lock the folder, the program encrypts the private folder and makes it completelly unaccessable without the password.

Your files are also being watched the whole time and if someone deletes the encrypted file, the file will automatically be replaced again.There are also features like file watch, that allows you to watch any folder on your computer and automatically make backups of it as files change!


· 2 GHz CPU
· 512 MB RAM
· .NET Framework 2.0

NOTE: Only works on computers where Windows is installed on the C: drive


· 10 uses trial
· Nag screen

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