FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Internet monitoring & keylogging software makes it easy to record all keystrokes on the computer!
Now with Free Web Access to all log files! Easy to use internet monitoring & keylogging software effortlessly records all keystrokes on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web – and can also be used to keep track of what employees are doing on company computers on company time.

Secretly and automatically records keystrokes. The entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering and FREE KEYLOGGER evades detection by most spyware detection software.

FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software is an incredibly powerful software that runs automatically in the background and discretely records all activity on a PC whether on or off line. Completely free to try – visit for more info!

Here are some key features of “FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software”:

· Hide PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun from other users: Smoking Gun is always recording, whether you have the application open or not. There is no entry in the applications tab of Task Manager. Also, by going to the File menu and selecting “Hide Smoking Gun…” you have the option of removing Smoking Gun from the Windows Start Menu, removing Smoking Gun from the Add/Remove Programs screen in the Windows Control Panel, and even hiding the folder containing Smoking Gun itself!
· Prevent unauthorized uninstallation: To prevent others from uninstalling Smoking Gun, take the following steps.
· First, goto the File menu and select “Hide Smoking Gun”. In the window that appears, click the “Remove Uninstaller File”. Note that Smoking Gun may still be uninstalled via the “Uninstall Smoking Gun” menu item.
· Second, goto the File menu and select “Settings”. Apply password protection to Smoking Gun. Now the only way someone can uninstall Smoking Gun is via the Uninstall Smoking Gun menu item, and they can only get to that menu item if they know the password!
· Password Protection: At your option, PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! will prevent unauthorized users from reading logs and/or changing settings by requiring a password to open the application. Click the File menu, choose Settings, enter password in the form that appears.
· Manage Log Files: PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! lets you save, print, and delete log files. Click on the File menu and choose the appropriate action.
· Show warning to users at startup: At your option, PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! will notify users PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! is installed on computer startup. Click the File menu, choose Settings, check the “Warn users at startup actions will be recorded” box.
· Copy log files to networked location: PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! lets you copy log files to any networked computer – you do not have to physically go to a computer with PC Sentinel’s Smoking Gun! installed to view log files from that computer.
· Keystroke Log: Keystroke logs are organized by the window typed into. Click on the “View Keystrokes” button.

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