Free KGB Key Logger Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A free key logger software with extended capabilities for home and office
KGB Free Keylogger is an opportunity for you to be a good parent and keep an eye on your children. And isn’t it wonderful that your parental duty will cost you nothing this time.

KGB Free Keylogger can look after your children without them even noticing. Even technically minded children won’t detect the key logger when it runs in a stealth mode.

KGB Free Keylogger removes all the shortcuts and can be accessed only through a hot key combination. Running unobtrusively from the moment the system boots, KGB Free Keylogger keeps track of all typed or pasted text. You can set it to monitor only selected applications or everything that is done in the system.

KGB Free Keylogger offers special support for network activities. In its log, you can see a full list of visited web pages. Using time stamps, you can match the pages with the text that was typed or pasted from the Clipboard.

Once it is clear what your child did on each site, it’s up to you to allow or forbid the activity. You can use either Internet Properties or a dedicated firewall to block access to sites with questionable content.

KGB Free Keylogger enables you to track not only what others did in the system, but also what you do yourself. It’s useful for working with applications that don’t have autosave support. Since the program intercepts all key strokes before passing them to other applications, it serves as a trusted backup.

However rich, KGB Free Keylogger offers only the core functionality of other Refog tools. With KGB Keylogger and KGB Spy you can monitor systems remotely and get both reports and screenshots over the net.

You can also set up an alert system to inform you of keywords used in the system. The alert system gives you a powerful parental control to prevent your children from getting into trouble. If you are an employer, you can use it at your workplace to monitor the activities of employees. Refog monitoring tools inform you of everything done or said in controlled systems.

Here are some key features of “Free KGB Key Logger”:

· Stealth mode and visible mode of work;
· Logs keyboard input, including language-specific characters;
· Logs Clipboard entries;
· Monitors and logs network activities;
· Custom list of monitored applications;
· Detailed information for each log entry, including the time stamp, application name and window caption;
· Screenshots at custom frequency (regular intervals or on mouse clicks);
· Export of logs into HTML;

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