G Soft Encryptor 2006 Encrypting Security for Windows

G-Soft Encryptor is useful to encrypt either your files, or your text-documents
G-Soft Encryptor is based on what we call HSkey, a brand new encryption key combination.

With this program you will be able to encrypt either your files, or your text-documents very easily.

The encryption method used for encrypt your files is a customized method of Rijandel encryption. But when encrypting your text-documents inside the application itself, you will find out that this is quite something else than Rijandel used. In here we used a customized version of Base64/Radix64.

As we quoted earlier in this text, this project is built on our new technology called HSkey. HSkey is a combined encryption method by using several hard encryption methods and input them all into one single “unbreakable” algorithm.

Why its not unbreakable its quite easy to mention on too, as we all know crackers all the time tries to and sometimes figures out how to break the several encryptions either by “keygenning” it, or “bruteforcing” it.

HSkey is not yet been 100% inprented here, but the encryption methods still works, and are quite usefull against unwanted people to read or access your files.


· MS VB Runtime files


· Cannot use custom passwords.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Updated security keys

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