GateKeeper Encrypting Security for Windows

GateKeeper is a encryption-protected storage utility which allows you to keep all of your user id’s, passwords, and many more.
GateKeeper is a encryption and data protection program which allows you to keep all of your user id’s, passwords, account numbers, access codes and other information securely encrypted in an easily accessible place.

Now you only need your GateKeeper password to gain easy access to all of your secured information. For complete security, you can change your GateKeeper User Name and/or Password as often as you like. GateKeeper resides conveniently in your system tray.

GateKeeper is installed wholely on your computer and all of your private information is securely encrypted on your computer. Both GateKeeper and your private information are inaccessible to any network connection and any other computer.

GateKeeper uses a very secure proprietary 64-bit encryption algorithm to encrypt all of your private information.

Here are some key features of “GateKeeper”:

· Easy to use. Just remember one password to access any information you choose to encrypt.
· For security, your GateKeeper password can be changed at any time and as often as you like.
· All your information is securely 64-bit encrypted on your computer, and inaccessable from any network connection or another computer.
· Even when GateKeeper’s window is open, information is hidden from prying eyes until you choose to view an item. (See screen shot.)
· Import/Export capabilities included so you can transfer your encrypted GateKeeper information between computers, if desired.
· Resides conveniently in your system tray for easy access.
· Complete and comprehensive indexed help file included


· 386 SX or higher processor (486 DX recommended).
· 1 MB RAM.
· 1 MB free hard disk space.


· 10 uses trial

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