Genie Eyes Only Encrypting Security for Windows

With Genie Eyes-Only you can simply encrypt, decrypt, hide, and even entirely wipe their files and/or folders
Genie Eyes-Only is a professional easy-to-use, smart, reliable and powerfulsecurity software that safeguards valuable data and prevents unauthorized access to confidential information using multiple levels of the thoroughly-tested Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is used by the U.S. Government organizations and security experts worldwide.

With Genie Eyes-Only, users of all levels, home and professional users, can simply encrypt, decrypt, hide, and even entirely wipe their files and/or folders with a click of a mouse.

Its wizard-based interface enables you to effortlessly choose the data you wish to secure whether it was on your PC or on a network location, whereas its features provide fast performance and rock-solid protection using multiple layers of encryption.

You can perform all Genie Eyes-Only functions without even launching the software, a simple right-click on the file or folder and you will be presented with all professional options that Genie Eyes-Only offer.

You can set the strength of encryption, allocate a password for opening encrypted data, and can submit your passwords online to be managed and saved on Genie-soft highly secure servers for maximum security.

Here are some key features of “Genie Eyes Only”:

· Secure & Protect files and folders – Protect your files/folders whether on your machine or on a network location using a selection of 128-bit, 196-bit, or 256-bit AES encryption.
· Hide Management – Swiftly hide, unhide, or even decrypt and Unhide your files/folders.
· Wipe – Permanently erase selected files/folders beyond recovery and make it virtually irretrievable with a single mouse click by repeatedly writing over the selected data using a choice of three-leveled advanced wiping algorithms.
· Online Password Management – Submit and save your passwords online to Genie-soft highly secure servers for maximum security, and retrieve them wherever/whenever.
· Tight Windows integration Genie Eyes-Only makes the most out of MS Windows context menu and drag & drop features. A simple right click on any file/folder presents you with all professional features of Genie Eyes-Only, whereas dragging a file/folder and dropping it into Genie Eyes-Only’s window makes it extremely easy for you to perform any function rapidly.
· Protect your data easily from unauthorized access and theft
· Hide your files/folders and keep them inaccessible for other users
· Permanently erase data and make it irretrievable with a click of a mouse
· Save and manage your passwords remotely and retrieve them anywhere anytime
· Perform highly sophisticated tasks using a straightforward wizard-based interface
· Execute any Genie Eyes-Only function without even launching the software by right-clicking the desired file/folder
· Clean your hard disk entirely beyond recovery


· Intel Pentium? III processor or above
· 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended)
· 10 MB free hard drive space
· Microsoft Internet ExplorerT 6.0.0 or later


· 30-days trial

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