GoldTach Pro Firewall Security for Windows

GoldTach Pro – The small and powerful Personal Firewall with mail protection and web filtration
GoldTach Pro is a mini-sized and powerful personal firewall which can effectively protect you against hackers’ intrusion and data theft.

GoldTach Pro works in four ways: E-mail Protection, Process Commnication Control, TCP/IP packets Filtration and Webpage Content Filtration.

GoldTach Pro defines three security control levels: Normal, Strict, Custom . Beginners can get the essential security by the default settings, and experts can customize the net policies for their needed.

GoldTach Pro can block most pop-up ads pop window and block cookie etc to protect your privacy. NetWatch function let you view all IP data packet passing thru your PC.

You can also view current data communication on the open port of each process. Process management tool let you know the details for processes, such as parent process ID, open handles, owned thread, created time etc. It is a good way to find and prevent Troy.

Mail protection including send e-mail check and modify the extension of the mail e-attachment before clinets receive it.When GoldTach Pro workes in “Lock internet” mode, all the processes can not access the internet but those you permited.

You can cut off all the internet connects immediately when emergency occurred . GoldTach Pro supports three types of detailed log: operation log ,blocked IP packet log ,and applicatlion log.

If your system is attacked by malice webpage and registry settings are changed, e.g., disabling editing registry with “regedit.ext” or changing IE homepage, you can quickly restore with GoldTach Pro’s registry tool.

GoldTach Pro provides two panels: Nice Panel & Advance Panel for your easy control of the network. You can know current network status thru system tray icon.

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