GoSecure Secure Disk Encrypting Security for Windows

Protect your private data by encryptiong them with Secure Disk.
Secure Disk is a powerful encryption softwarewith pre-boot authentication secures 100% of your hard disk drive, including the OS.

Secure Disk provides the ultimate security standard for encryption at the physical sector level. Based on the most secure technology, AES256, this product is an outstanding data security tool.

Another great feature is the support of flash media and USB hard disk drives, so that no one will be able to access your data if you lose it. AES256 used for data encoding is considered to be one of the most efficient and stable algorithms.

This algorithm was ratified by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) and favorably distinguishes our software from other tools.

The algorithm was also approved by FIPS(Federal Information Processing Standards), therefore, this product is accepted by US governmental organizations for data security purposes.


· Any processor of IntelR or AMDR with a processor speed of 800 MHz and more (1,5 GHz and more is recommended).
· 256 or more Mb of RAM (512 and more is recommended).
· 10 Mb of free disk space is required for program installation.
· Only encryption of IDE, SATA, SATA II and Flash disks is supported.


· 30 days trial

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