GPCS Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A great way to monitor your computer while away. You’ll miss nothing.
GPCS runs hidden on your computer. It silently records every key stroke, including passwords, takes screen shots, and allows you to see and know everything anyone does on your computer, period!

GPCS is only accessed via custom hot key combination which in turn only asks you for your password. No one will be able to view the program or the logs it contains except you. You may also have everything emailed to you if you’re on the road to monitor your computer while away.

GPCS can also watch for key words to be typed secretly alerting you once accessed. To keep a close eye on the activity from your home computer, you need GPCS!

Here are some key features of “GPCS”:

· Hot Key and Password protected
· Records Users Individually
· Does not operate on a timer | Completely user interactive
· Self Reviving if terminated
· Easily have GPCS logs sent to your email
· Fine tune recording measures to fit your computer and personal needs
· Advanced search feature for finding the log files your looking for
· Watch for key words being typed
· Image preview for a quick look at what the user was doing
· Full screen image viewing
· New Slide show feature lets you adjust the speed of playback and simply sit back and watch as GPCS surfs through all the log files
· Ability to choose which users are being recorded and which are not
· Choose which users can access GPCS via Hot Key and Password
· Requires Access to GPCS to un-install
· Optional unavoidable Warning Banner to alert users they are being watched
· Advanced mailing features for using personal SMTP server if available
· View key logs in a normal readable format, show deleted keys, or show all keys to include any key on the keyboard ever pressed


· 500Mhz Processing Speed
· (Reccomended at least 1Ghz+ Processing Speed)
· 128 MB RAM
· (Recommended at least 512+ MB RAM)
· .NET Framework 2.0


· Displays a trial banner on top of the taskbar.

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