Gutnov Cyber Arsenal Encrypting Security for Windows

Gutnov Cyber Arsenal – A complete set of tools to protect from hackers and secure information
Gutnov Cyber Arsenal is specially developed for the organizations working with confidential data.

Gutnov Cyber Arsenal is also useful and to usual users who care of safety of the information. Gutnov Cyber Arsenal protects a computer from not authorized access, provides reliable storage of the information and safe data transmission by e-mail.

For storage of the important data the program allows to create a virtual local disk which contents are automatically encrypted after its closing.

For encrypting information, are used the most reliable algorithms. Passwords
generator will allow you to create the most reliable combination of the password.

The special technology protects data from theft. Even knowing the password, the file with data can be opened only on that computer on which it has been created.

Another big specialty in program – it is way to hide some secret information by embedding confidential files inside graphic files.

It doesn’t alter the actual content or increase the size of the original file ? only 2 bytes are added. The built-in system of asymmetric encrypting allows to communicate and send safely the important data by e-mail.

The system of destruction of data will provide duly deleting unrecoverable.

Quality of deleting of the information corresponds to standards of the
Department of Defence of the USA. The special utility will destroy all traces of surfing on the Internet.

The set of various network utilities will provide protection against network attacks and trojans, will inform the full information on all network connections, will allow to check up system of safety of the personal computer and to test network.

The utility for check of servers will pick up an anonymous proxy-server for safe surfing on the Internet.

Gutnov Cyber Arsenal gives set of special tools for creation and storages of passwords, creations of the protected invisible text documents, removals of unnecessary programs, and viewing the information on processes.


· Encryptor: maximum files size for encrypting/decrypting is 100 KB
· Encryptor: maximum files size for signing/validating is 50 KB
· Eraser: maximum files size for wipe is 1MB
· Steganograph: maximum files size for addition in image is 25 KB
· Virtual Safe: maximum size of virtual encrypted disk is 1 MB
· Passwords Generator: max. length of the password – 6 symbols, a character set – only numbers
· Password Saver: max. quantity of records – no more than three
· Invisible Notepad: disabled saving function
· Uninstaller: “Uninstall” and “Backup” functions is disabled
· System Manager: demonsration mode
· iNet Manager: demonstration mode, function of saving and statistics is disabled
· iNet Utilities: demonstration mode, some functions is disabled
· iNet Firewall: can work only in a mode “Allow all”
· Proxy Checker: supported no more than three proxies
· Network Analyzer: demonstration mode, some functions is disabled

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