HardEncrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

HardEncrypt is a new encryption package featuring a completely uncrackable encryption scheme
Nothing new, nothing revolutionary…

HardEncrypt utilizes an utterly simple one-time pad encryption scheme. As simple as it may be, a symmetric, one-time pad scheme is theoretically the best encryption scheme. This scheme has been avoided in many popular internet encryption packages because it is not as convenient as a public-key encryption scheme.

However, when you really want to ensure that no third party is able to read an intercepted message, convenience isn’t the main issue.

HardEncrypt will offer to you a completely secure encryption alternative. No special hardware is required, though a sound card is recommended for generating key seed files.

All three programs were written in C++ using only ANSI standard library calls. This means that HardEncrypt is completely portable and can be compiled and used on virtually every platform. These tools run in a console interface and don’t require a windowing environment.

Currently, HardEncrypt has been compiled for several different platforms. It will be compiled for more platforms in the future. This is an open-source package, so if binaries aren’t available for your platform, you can compile them yourself.

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