Hide2Image Advanced Encrypting Security for Windows

encrypt, compress and hide a file (for example: zip, rar, doc, exe, etc…) file
Hide2Image Advanced will allos you to compress, encrypt and hide a file (for example: zip, rar, xls, doc, txt, exe, etc…) in BMP file so that the addition of the message to the container file will not noticeably change the appearance of that file.

If the file which has been hidden is deleted then there is no indication that it even exists, but it can still be recovered from BMP file when you need to get at it, hide and recovered is easy and fast.

Hide2Image Advanced allows hiding a file of any size in one BMP image files (automation conversion JPEG to BMP).

With Hide2Image Advanced you can: (1) hiding a message file in single BMP image file, (2) extracting a message file from BMP image file.

Hide2Image Advanced differs from others of this sort in two respects:
· There is no limit on the size of the file to be hidden if your BMP is big enough. when you hidden, Hide2Image Advanced will build two BMP file, one is ‘Target Image’ (your file hide in this file), the other is ‘Source? Image’ (when you recovered your file must use this file).
· Hide2Image Advanced supports 8 kinds of encryption algorithms (for example: DES, Blowfish, Triple DES, etc…).
· Set Login password. like this if no login password of other man can’t login Hide2Image Advanced.
· Add password in BMP file.
· Manage BMP file


· 40 uses

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