HideInPicture Encrypting Security for Windows

HideInPicture enables you to encrypt and hide any type of Files inside of Pictures
HideInPicture allows you to encrypt and hide any type of files inside of pictures.

HideInPicture purpose is to hide any data in a way that the viewer does not recognize any difference. Nobody will suspect hidden data inside the image.
For maximum security it is not possible to get the hidden file back without the correct password.

HideInPicture enables you to create complete web galleries with your hidden files, ready for upload, with just a few mouse clicks.

Here are some key features of “HideInPicture”:

· Military grade encryption
· Proxy support for anonym downloading.
· Working with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
· You know you are safe from prying eyes!
· Create complete web galleries with just a few clicks.
· Family, colleagues, police or anyone else will not accidentally see your encrypted files.
· defeats the FBI Carnivore Software
· HideInPicture also offers the versatility to protect all PC based files or folders from unauthorised disclosure, even where the PC itself is shared between individuals.
· Since the decryption module can be downloaded free from our website, the receivers of your pictures does not have to buy the program to decrypt them.
· A wizard that guides you through the necessary steps needed to protect your data.


· 15 uses trial

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