HidePro Encrypting Security for Windows

HidePro – free software tool for professional file encryption
HidePro is a software tool for professional file encryption.
It includes powerfull algorithms from DES and AES standards.

Here are some key features of “HidePro”:

· Strong, standard encryption algorithms – DES and AES
· Very high encryption speed ( over 20 MB/s on a high-performance system )
· The possibility to compress the encrypted files. The program offers a very good compresion level, which is compatible with the PKZip standard.
· The possibility to create self-extracting files ( .EXE files), to be used by the ones who do not have this program.
· The possibility to include redundant information (CRC) in the file to check the validity tf the decrypted data
· A very easy to use and intuitive interface
· Windows integration by associating its own extensions
· Occupies small space ( the HidePro distribution has slightly 1 MB )
· Minimal system resources used. The size of the RAM memory doesn’t matter – the program can encrypt files up to 2 GB with no compression, and up to 1 GB with compression.
· Plugin support. Anybody can add modules to HidePro relatively easy.
· Wiping the encrypted files using military algorithms, not to be recovered by any means.
· English and Romanian languages support for the interface.
· Support for the latest technologies present in the modern microprocessors.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· [*] Compression for self-decrypt file added
· [*] Plugins (dll) support added (you can find a small plugin’s Delphi source in Plugins directory)
· [*] Help added (very small for the moment)
· [*] Usefull wiping plugin added (supporting wipe for files and directories)
· [*] Small interface changes and refines
· [*] Small language and other bugs repaired

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