Hidetools Parental Control Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Remotely monitor all computer activities. Restrict Internet and program access.
Hidetools Parental Control is an application which allows users to monitor their computers. It monitors tirelessly all what your children are doing on the computer and brings you the reports via email.

Monitoring is absolutely invisible and includes programs, websites, keystrokes, screenshots and other your child’s computer activity.
As application blocker our parental software allows you to block Internet applications including web browsers, instant messengers and chats, block games, websites and so on.

The program includes powerful Internet filter which protects children from abusive websites and ensures Internet safety. The web filter is fully customizable.
Hidetools Parental Control helps you to make the Internet and computer safety and useful for your children!

Here are some key features of “Hidetools Parental Control”:

· Websites Visited
· Hidetools Parental Control tracks all visited website addresses (URLs) along with website titles and time/date of a visit. The program is compatible with all versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, America Online and more.
· Keystrokes Typed
· Hidetools Parental Control monitors every keystroke typed on your child’s computer along with the application title and the time.
· Programs Used
· Hidetools Parental Control records all programs used on your child’s computer. The log contains also the time when the application was started/stopped and how long it was actually used.
· Screenshot Capturing
· Hidetools Parental Control captures screenshots of the computer screen at an interval defined by you. The screenshot capturing can be as often as once per minute.
· Computer Activity
· The program allows you to control the time children spend on the computer (shutdowns and user logons).
· Remote Monitoring
· Hidetools Parental Control automatically sends the log reports to your email. This allows you to see what your child are doing on the computer from any place where you could check your email. The option has fully customizable interface.
· Block Websites
· Hidetools Parental Control includes powerful Internet filter which guaranties Internet safety for your child. You can select website categories you want to disable. Also, Hidetools Parental Control allows you to block any website by URL. Just add a new website address or keyword and our Internet filter will block every website which you want to restrict access to. For example, entered ‘myspace’ will block ‘’ and any website which contains ‘myspace’ in its address.
· Block Programs
· Hidetools Parental Control can block any web browser, chat, instant messenger, block games and applications which you want to disable access. For example, you can block Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mirc, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc.
· Multiuser
· Hidetools Parental Control can monitor and restrict every computer user, and it does not depend on user rights and what user installed the program. You can set individual monitoring and controlling functions for every windows account.
· Program Invisibility
· The program works secretly and nobody can detect it. Only you will know that out parental control is installed!
· Password Protection
· Access to Hidetools Parental Control can be password protected to prevent the program termination and options changes. Only the person who knows the special hotkey and the password can access the program.


· 14 days trial

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