Hiron Encrypting Security for Windows

Hiron provides the highest-level, long-term security to personal e-mail information
Hiron is designed to provide the highest-level, long-term security to personal information sent over e-mail.

The Project’s goal is to assure a protection that could stand all kinds of feasible attacks by use of available computing facilities during decades to come, bearing in mind estimated technological progress.

To achieve this goal, Hiron employs a sophisticated cryptographic system that involves a series of strongest known cryptographic algorithms (such as Rijndael, Twofish, …) which are incorporated as building-blocks within an innovative encryption technology. A higher-order elliptic curve is used for asymmetric (public key) encryption.

The program was designed and implemented by a professional theoretical physicist who also is an experienced cryptography programmer.

What’s New in This Release:

Improved interface; Optimized executable code; Enhanced protection

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