Icechip Keeper Encrypting Security for Windows

Icechip Keeper allows you to secure your personal information into an encrypted file.
Icechip Keeper wilhelp you store all your User IDs, Passwords and other text information in a very secure encrypted file so you can quickly access the later.

Here are some key features of “Icechip Keeper”:

· Tree-like structure for a very organized and flexible format. Arrange your items anyway you wish.
· Drag and Drop to instantly “drop” information into other applications. Perfect for quick logins.
· Create and run links to applications, documents, Internet websites and email addresses. Just two clicks and Icechip Keeper runs the link.
· Dates and Events. Remembering to change your passwords on a regular basis has never been easier or even to remember those important events like Birthdays and Anniversaries.
· Organize your information in as many different data files as you like.
· Import information from another Icechip Keeper file.
· Print items. (individually, branch or complete list)
· Your information is safe and secure. Icechip Keeper encrypts your data files using the very well known and secure Blowfish Encryption Algorithm with up to 448 bit keys. Information can NOT be extracted from your data files without the correct password.
· Sample included (Sample.ick). The password is ‘1234’


· Mouse
· 2mb free hard drive space


· 30 days trial
· encryption is disabled.

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