IMCrypto Free Encrypting Security for Windows

The best freeware program to protect your IM conversations!
The IMCrypto application was designed to protect your instant messenger conversations. It is compatible with most of the widely spread instant messengers.

IMCrypto uses one of the strongest and most reliable encryption algorithms – RSA (used in Google Mail). We have also developed IMCrypto KeyServer which will give you an opportunity to exchange keys with all your contacts easily and quickly.

Note: IMCrypto does not support 64-bit platforms.

Here are some key features of “IMCrypto Free”:

· the list of supported messengers includes prevalent instant messengers and is constantly updated;
· PGP keys standard supported;
· all the outgoing messages are encrypted with 1024-bit RSA key;
· multiple keypairs supported;
· 4 operating modes;
· IMCrypto KeyServer will simplify the public key exchange between you and your contacts.


· Instant Message Client like:
· Yahoo! Messenger


· The program can store multiple keypairs (PGP keys supported) for only one contact in only 1 messenger that you select during installation process.

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