IMonitor EAM Standard Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Real-time network computer monitoring, content filting, employee monitoring
IMonitor EAM Standard is an application whcih allows users to monitor their employees. With a large variety of functions in regard to Internet monitoring, computer monitoring, employee monitoring and remote monitoring, Employee Activity Monitor helps employers who are deeply confused by employees’ internet abuse in their working time out of predicament. Besides its excellent performance, this monitoring software’s simple operation and flexible configuration has made it receive a great deal of most gratifying attention.

Here are some key features of “IMonitor EAM Standard”:

· Real-time remote computer monitoring
· Monitor real-time screenshots and keystrokes;
· Capture and save client computer’s screenshots
· Monitor client’s emails sent and received (POP, SMTP, Webmails);
· Monitor client’s software chats (MSN, Yahoo Messenger, QQ, etc.);
· Monitor client’s keystrokes typed and log characters typed;
· Monitor client’s website browsing history and show titles of visited websites;
· Monitor client’s file downloading history and search-engine records;
· Monitor client’s working application;
· Monitor client’s file operations;
· Monitor client’s FTP uploading/downloading history;
· Monitor client’s print jobs;
· Monitor client’s clipboard history record;
· Monitor client’s removable disk operation (flash disk/card reader/CD-ROM, etc.)
· Monitor client’s system software/hardware information;
· Monitor client’s system state, CPU/memory usage, disk drive state, etc.;
· Monitor client’s OS state/system running process/system service/startup items;
· Monitor client’s system hotfixes state.
· Full remote computer controlling
· Remotely control all client’s disks;
· Remotely control all client’s files/folders(create/open/edit/cut/paste/rename/delete/download/upload)
· Remotely control client’s screen saver, computer logoff/restart/shutdown;
· Remotely uninstall any software installed in client computer;
· Remotely lock(impossible for clients to execute any operations) and unlock client computer;
· Remotely control client to open documents/run instructions/run program/open web page, etc;
· Remotely disable/enable client to use removable disk (flash disk, card reader, CD/DVD drivers, etc.)
· Remotely alter client’s browser homepage;
· Remotely alter client’s network card config (IP address/ Subnet Mask/Gateway/DNS);
· Remotely lock/unlock client’s IP address.
· Real-time VR (virtual reality) remote operation
· Real-time screenshot transfer. Show real-time screenshots of the client computer on server’s computer;
· Operate client computer’s keyboard and mouse as if it is right in front of you;
· Capture and save client computer’s screenshots.
· Limitations and alerts to remote computers
· Restrict client to use browser, chat software, or run specific program/instruction;
· Alert client when it tries to carry out unwanted operations (add or remove a removable disk, open an unwanted website, send or receive mail, FTP file transfer, etc.);
· Set blacklist and whitelist of websites to confine employees to work-related web pages;
· Support time-phased limitations, for example, employee can only visit work-related websites from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm;
· Send manual message to client and it will show directly on client computer’s screen;
· Send files directly to client’s desktop.


· 10M free space


· 15 days trial
· monitors only 2 computer

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