Inglobal Office Monitor Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Inglobal Office Monitor – Makes you to take control of every activity, prevent abuse or stop malicious users
Inglobal Office Monitor is a network application that will allow you to follow each activity of the employees when they are working on a computer in your network. Using this application makes you to take control of every activity, prevent abuse or stop malicious users.

This powerful tool allows you to get detailed information about website activity, applications that users run, what document has been opened and take full control about instant message applications.

IOM is enable to spy computer activities in real time on every computer on your network, in this way you can follow the activities for 1 or multiple machines from one location like a CCTV system, send personalized messages to all users or specified ones.

IOM is enable to take screenshot’s from a sized window or full screen size on a selected computer or simply lock the entire computer, in this way the users can’t do any thing, is like an application error when computers get freeze.

IOM let’s you take full control of the client workstations, you can change between applications open document or run programs, this tool is a good way to improve technical support or teach the way to do something.

IOM offers you the option to search through the logs making reports about all the activities in a day or a period of time, giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your employers do something like websites visited, and what programs has been used.


· Lan Connection


Demo version is not allowed to:
· view general reports.
· monitoring of varios computers (you can check only 1 computer).
· save the logs.

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